Hackmeters universal device for stopping digital and mechanical meters

Сontactless stop. Blocking of 90% of all mechanical and digital water electric, gas, heat meters. All devices are designed to repel rats and mice! Use on meters is illegal!

Universal device(Jammer) for stopping digital smart meters!

Frequency or pulse device for stopping any meters.

Hack digital electric meter

Device-300$-1250$  learn more

Hack digital gas meter

Device- 500$-1500$  learn more

Hack digital water meter

Device-300$  learn more

Hack digital heat meter

Device- 500$-1500$  learn more

Universal magnet for mechanical meters

Very strong neodymium magnet for stopping mechanical meters

Stop Induction electric meter

magnet- 70$
 learn more

Stop Mechanical electric meter

 learn more

Stop Mechanical gas meter

magnet- 100$
 learn more

Stop Mechanical water meter

magnet- 40$
 learn more

For mechanical meter

Write us a model of your meter and we will pick up a magnet or device to stop it.

For digital meter

Write us a model of your meter and we will pick up a magnet or device to stop it.

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How does the magnet work?

Neodymium magnet works only on mechanical meters! To stop the meter, the magnet needs to be wrapped in a cloth and placed in the right place.

How does the device work on digital meters?

The device consists of 2 parts. Power supply and antennas. The device needs to be connected to the network 220v (or 110v), the antenna of the device must be lived on the meter display. The meter processor will be blocked-the meter will not work. After turning off the device, the meter will work. Our device easily stops digital electric meters. If you have a cryptoferm, then we will help reduce electricity consumption.

— Elster — Landis+Gyr — Linky — Luna — Iskra — Actaris — Kohler — Itron — Secure — Aclara —  Siemens — Holley — China meters — and 95% other meters

Hack plastic seals

We open plastic seals of any complexity.

Copies plastic seals

We make copies of plastic seals on meters.

We make killers of gps and glonass satellites, the device blocks all communication standards and all frequencies.

Special soft for meters

Full duplicate of your meter

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